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VCS 1.13.3 released
The latest version of VCS is available to download. It's been a good while since the last release, but there aren't a lot of changes this time around, apart from the usual bugfixes there's better handling of errors and unsupported files. The most important bug fixed is obviously the one I already previewed some days […]
Quick fix for cropped media info in VCS
Just a quick note for those encountering this bug where the codec information is misaligned and cropped, you can download a pre-release of the next version now. There's a couple more bugfixes and minor changes, and hopefully not much breakage. This issue has been there for months (first pointed out, together with the fix, by […]
Unofficial Ruby version of VCS
For anyone interested, Thomas has contacted me to let me know he wrote a "Video Contact Sheet Ruby" which reuses part of VCS' code and outputs contact sheets in the same style. Being written in Ruby, its code will be less of a mess and, even more interestingly, it can run on Windows with less […]
Nubeox en Linux
En este post explico cómo he conseguido reproducir contenidos de Nubeox Premium protegidos con DRM en Linux. El mismo método debería servir para otros servicios problemáticos basados en Flash, como Wuaki o TotalChannel aunque no lo he probado. Como tantas otras veces, el Wiki de Arch Linux ha sido de lo más útil. El problema […]
Relevation 1.3 released
I've just published an updated version of Relevation. The main addition is support for the newer format of data files used by Revelation, plus a slightly better handling of international characters in the data file. This is, however, a somewhat rushed and unpolished release to support the newer file format as soon as ready. As […]
VCS 1.13.2 released
Next release (1.13.3) announcement A new update of VCS with a couple bugfixes is available to download. Once again, if you had problems with the previous versions there's nothing new. It fixes a bug when using MPlayer as capturer that could produce one more capture than expected. Thanks to Miya for reporting it. See the […]
VCS 1.13.1 released
Next release (1.13.2) announcement A minor update of vcs is available to download. In short, if you don't use Arch and you had no problems running it there's no need to update. It fixes an uncommon bug and updates the build script for Arch Linux. Thanks to Eris Belew for reporting these. See the full […]